Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18k/ ct) 250ml

Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18k/ ct) 250ml

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250ml Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18k/ ct) 

Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18 Karat) 100ml Bottle

This Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating Solution (18 Karat) doesn’t have to

be mixed beforehand. It can be used for both brush and pen plating. You

can use either the Platinum Electrode (2.5 – 3.0 volts) or the Carbon

Electrode (2.0 – 2.5 volts) with this solution.

One of the outstanding qualities of the Rose Gold Brush/Pen Plating

Solution (18 Karat) is that it plates very fast compared to other brush

plating solutions.

You can compare the plating rates using our online brush plating calculator on the links bar above.

Please note: This

is an air-sensitive solution. When not in use, keep the lid tightly

shut and take measures to minimise the air space remaining in the

bottle. These can include adding marbles or glass beads to the bottle or

squeezing out the excess air at the top of the bottle.

Failure to observe the above precautions will result in the degeneration

of the gold component in the solution. This will cause copper-rich

plating, which will tarnish quickly.

Please click on the ‘Examples’ tab below for suggestions on how to minimise air contamination.


  • Remove any existing layers of rose gold before plating.
  • Battery Pen Plater. Settings: 3 AAA cells with pointed Nib, Platinum Pen

  • Electrode
  • Battery Pen Plater. Settings: 2 AAA cells  with Pointed Nib, Carbon

  • Pen Electrode
  • Store in hermetically sealed container with lid firmly closed. Small

  • volumes for day-day use should be stored in a stoppered syringe.
  • Higher voltages can be used with plating rates in excess of 3 microns

  • per minute (spot).

  • A lower voltage range is recommended when plating above 1 micron to prevent

  • dullness and subsequent polishing.
  • Tech Specs:

Gold Concentration9.1g/l

Voltage Range (Platinum Electrode)

2.5 – 3.0 volts

Voltage Range (Carbon Electrode)

2.0 – 2.5 volts



Alloy consistency (at mix ratio 1Mixer:10 K-Gold)

75% Gold, 25% Copper

Colour designation



20 – 25 °C

Plating Rate at (3.3 volts, carbon electrode)

Approx. 0.5 microns per minute (max)


In excess of 250 – 300 Hv

Density of deposit

14.4 g/cm3



Special storage requirements

Away from sunlight

Shelf life

1-2 years (please refer to notes below)

Health and Safety classification


Special considerations

None (cyanide-free)

Transport (UN number)

None: Not classified as dangerous for transport

This is a Genuine Spa Plating Solution Spa Plating has over 30 years experience in electroplatingthis Solution is suitable for Brush electroplating only and you need a power supply(will not work without power) and other plating equipment to use this Solution