PP Copper Brush Plating Solution

PP Copper Brush Plating Solution

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PP Copper Brush Plating Solution

This copper plating solution is great for plating on non-conductive materials. It plates bright and levels out the plating surface. Needs to be mixed with PP Stabiliser Powder. Please see below for all related products.

PP Copper also plates very well onto brass and pewter.

HS Code: 3824 99 70

Our PP Copper needs to be mixed with a solution made with our PP Stabiliser. For purchase PP Stabiliser, please click HERE.

Features Applications
Plates bright Reduces the amount of polishing necessary to produce a high shine – saves you time and money when you want to go on to plate precious metals such as silver and gold
Levelling solution If the item you’re plating is heavily scratched you can plate PP Copper extra thick and then polish back, saving you having to polish the item in the first place
Can be used to plate non-conductive surfaces. PP Copper is recommended for the first plated layer onto Conductive Ink (hi-grade). When plating onto plastic an other non-conductors, we recommend the addition of PP Stabiliser.
Can be used to plate onto metals like brass and pewter. Plates very well onto brass and pewter. It also serves as a good undercoat for nickel and gold when plating onto pewter.
Please note that PP Stabiliser Powder is not necessary when plating PP Copper Brush Plating Solution on metals such as brass and pewter.



Operating Conditions and Deposit Data

Voltage Range 4.0 – 6.0 volts
Temperature 14 – 25 °C
Gold Concentration >60g/l
Electrode Carbon
Gold content in plate 100% (balance carbon)
Plating Rate at (3.5 volts, Platinum electrode) Approx. 2 microns per minute (spot)
Hardness 380 – 385 Hv
Density of deposit 8.8 g/cm3
Stress Low stress


  • We strongly advise against the use of stainless steel anodes for most of our plating processes especially in the case of PP Copper Brush Plating Solution
  • Plating rates are calculated over a sample area which is permanently covered by swab.
  • When plating onto brass or pewter, PP Stabiliser will not be required.