Platinum Electrode

Platinum Electrode

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Made from platinum plated (platinised) titanium Ensures top quality results for all precious metals including gold, rhodium, platinum and ruthenium
Can be used with other plating solutions
Will not darken the swab (as is the case with a carbon electrode).


Note: It is very important to use the correct electrode. If a stainless steel electrode is used for gold plating, iron from the stainless steel will react with the gold chemical and dissolve into the gold plating solution. This will poison it, making the gold insoluble and not able to plate. This will greatly reduce the efficiency of the solution.

Total length: 100mm

Platinised length: 70mm

Diameter: 6mm

Base material: Grade 2 titanium

Platinum content: 50 g/m2

Titanium base: 99.6% minimum

Operating current density: not more than 80 amps/dm2

pH range: 0.5 – 11

Conditions to avoid: Low pH electrolytes containing fluoride and chloride