Nickel Stripper 1000ml 1L

Nickel Stripper 1000ml 1L

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Nickel stripper strips nickel plating from steel, copper, brass and silver easily and delivers the following pluses;

  • Ready-to-use solution: no need for mixing
  • Low hazzard
  • Stripping rates of up to 50 microns per hour at 62 °C
  • High capacity (1 litre can strip 40 grams of nickel)
  • Low odour: minimum ventilation needed
  • Supplied as a one-component, ready-to-use solution
  • Non-electrolytic stripper: no need for a separate rectifier
  • Long bath life
  • Can be shipped worldwide.


    Operating Conditions

    Temperature Range 50 -65 °C (see notes)
    Tank Glass (see notes below), steel or polypropylene
    Agitation Mechanical (stirrer). Never use air agitation
    Stripping rate See notes below
    Stripping capacity Can strip up to 40 grams of nickel per litre
    Special storage requirements None
    Shelf life 1 – 2 years
    Health and Safety classification Irritant
    Special considerations None
    Transport (UN number) None: Not classified as dangerous for transport



    • Stripping should be carried out in a glass beaker on a hotplate stirrer fitted
      with a PTFE-coated stirring rod.
    • Suspend work to be stripped preferably on steel or titanium hooks/wire
    • Stripping rates can be almost doubled by using light mechanical agitation:
    • Stripping rate at 50°C = 10  microns per hour (no agitation)
    • Stripping rate at 50°C = 17  microns per hour (with agitation)
    • Stripping rate at 62°C = 50 microns per hour (with agitation)
    • Black smut remaining can be removed by ultrasonic cleaning or scouring with pad.